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   Bubba "Whoopass" Wilson was born Donald Burton Wilson Jr. in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where he began honing his musical and comedic skills at an early age. After graduating from high school in the seventies, he was one of the founding members of Clutch, the phenomenal 50s &60s-type show band, which toured extensively nationwide. Clutch was very widely known across the Southeast, and especially here in Florida. It was also during this time when the character of "Bubba" began taking shape.

   During the 1980s, Burt created, scored, and produced the musical shows that were the cornerstone of the Showbiz Pizza Place chain, nationally. He also provided the loveable voice of “Fatz the Gorilla.” His combination of creativity, musical talent, and comedy delighted children and adults alike.

   In 1984, the New Orleans World Fair opened -- with the theme song, "Mardi Gras City”, written by none other than Burt. His original song triumphed over compositions written by thousands of songwriters internationally, including people such as Dr. John, Aaron Neville, and Allan Toussaint. Actually, Burt had written two songs for the contest, and BOTH songs won -- being awarded 1st AND 2nd place, respectively.

   By the early 1990s, Universal Studios, Florida, was the recipient of Burt's skills, where he was one of their showcase talents, singing and arranging music for the well-loved acapella group, "The Hollywood Hi-Tones." And, it was also here that Burt revived the character of "Bubba," to much success -- so much so that the character became the inspiration for the acapella country group,"The Country Review and Bubba Too."

    In 2003, Burt (long-time, die-hard Beatles fan) entered his song “Southern Girl” into the nationally recognized John Lennon Songwriting Competition, and he was honored to receive “Best Runner-Up” in the Pop Category.

    For over 12 years, Burt has been a musician, comedian, and an integral part of the Monsters of the Morning, the #1 hit show during the 6 a.m.-11.a.m. slot on Real Radio, 104.1 Orlando, and heard nationwide on XM SATELLITE RADIO, Channel 152. There on the Monsters, he has been stretching his comedic legs as the character we have come to know and love as Bubba "Whoopass" Wilson, resident Cajun-Florida Redneck. He daily presents unique and humorous outlooks on life in a segment called "Correct Me If I'm Wrong," as well as writing, producing, arranging, and performing over 2,000 original songs (to date) for the show. Despite his reputation of being "slow on the uptake" (or possibly BECAUSE of that fact), "Bubba” has been a source of much amusement for both the listeners of the show AND his co-workers alike. But, behind all of his best efforts is always Burt "Bubba" Wilson's heart-felt desire to entertain and provide laughter to those he comes into contact with, whether it be over the airwaves, or in person.


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